Youth Registration 

(North Dickinson) Black Dragon TaeKwon-Do 


Ages: 5 - 17 Class Time: Every Monday 

3:15p – 4:15:p 

Parents and Students, 

Black Dragon provides training in TaeKwon-Do (Patterns, Sparring, Board Breaking & various Self Defense Techniques, Bo-Staff & Short Stick.. We provide safe practical quality training and build self-discipline and confidence within our Students. Our students will also receive training for those wishing to compete in tournaments. 

Black Dragon TaeKwon-Do is certified by the U.S./International TaeKwon-Do Federation & the Midwest association of Professional Martial Artists. All standards are set and required by the U.S./ International TaeKwon-Do Federation

- Do-Jang Class Fee: $40.00 (Monthly) 

All fees are paid by Check or Cash. Make checks out to Black Dragon TaeKwon-D

Option 1: Orientation Fee: $30.00 

(Includes: Black Dragon T-Shirt & White Belt) 

Option 2 Orientation Fee: $58.00 (Includes: TKD Uniform, Patches, Black Dragon T-Shirt & White Belt ) 

In Addition to Option 1 or 2: Liability 2022 Insurance: $17,00 This is a once a year fee collected in November of each year or any month after November in which you enroll. It is a per student fee. The fee is subject to a yearly increase if Black Dragon's rate is increased. 

** All Fees' must be paid before the student can be ready for class. 

: ** The Monthly Training Fee is due the first week of each month. If a student misses a class or multiple classes the full monthly fee is still due. There are make-up classes available. Communicate with Mr. Murray if your child will not be at class If Black Dragon cancels a class there will be a make-up class rescheduled. 

**If you drop out of the TKD program without notification & fees are paid for you in your absents you will be responsible to reimburse those fee's to Black Dragon. No fees are refundable. Black Dragon's training fees are subject to review and change pending increases in our operating costs

Testing/Promotion Fee's are separate from Orientation and Monthly Fee's. Promotion testing is generally held in January, April, July & October. The minimum class time needed to promote varies with each belt rank & testing fees vary for each belt rank. Mr. Murray will notify the student &/or parents by email when the student is qualified to promote along with the fee for the test/promotion. After the student &/or parents are notified of the students eligibility to test the testing fee as well_ as any other fee's owed to Black Dragon will need to be paid before the student will be able to test. 

Your signature bonds our agreement. If you have any questions please talk to Founder/Head Instructor, Mark Murray III Degree, USITF/ITF, MAPMA. 

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