2021/2022 School Year

Welcome to the North Dickinson County School web-page. It is my sincere hope that students will have a successful and rewarding school experience. The community, staff and Board of Education has provided our students with many opportunities to grow accademically, socially, and physically. Our school staff is made up of many caring and dedicated people who will work very hard to give the best educational experience possible. In return, we ask our students to put forth their best effort in all of their classes and get involved in school activities.

If there is any way I can help you during the school year, please be sure to ask; my door is always open.


Mrs. Angel R. Inglese

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Mission Statement:
North Dickinson County School, as a reflection of a caring, unique community located in a natural setting, will empower and challenge all students to achieve their fullest intellectual potential, character, and attitudes to create better lives for themselves and the larger community.

Nordic Athletics:
North Dickinson offers several sports for both boys and girls at the high school level including football, volleyball, basketball, and track & field. The Nordics compete in the Skyline Central Conference with other area schools

Through the use of advanced technology, we are able to provide students with modern resources, and offer students a range of classes that extend beyond the walls of our building to offer students a more fulfilling and challenging educational experience.

North Dickinson County School - 2021/2022



Weekly COVID Update

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Regional Track Meet

The regional track meet scheduled for Friday, May 20 at North Dickinson will start at 1:00 PM. It was listed on our earlier schedules as starting at 2:00PM.

2022 TENTATIVE Schedule

Thursday, April 21 Florence AWAY 4:00 PM

Thursday, April 28 Niagara AWAY 4:00 PM

Tuesday, May 3 ND Booster Club Inv. HOME 3:30 PM

Thursday, May 5 Republic AWAY 3:00 PM- CANCELLED

Monday, May 9 North Dickinson HOME 4:00 PM

Thursday, May 13 Open Date

Tuesday, May 17 Kingsford Inv AWAY 3:30 PM

Friday, May 20 Regional @ ND HOME 1:00 PM

Tuesday, May 24 Conference @ ND HOME 1:00 PM

Saturday, June 4 U P Finals @ Kingsford AWAY 9:00 AM

May 5 Track Meet

The Track meet scheduled for Thursday, May 5th in Republic has been cancelled

Freezie Fundraiser

The Sophomore Class will be selling freezies for 50 cents every Friday during last recess all through the month of May. Thank you in advance to everyone who will be helping out the Sophomore Class. 

Student Valuables

Students are encouraged not to bring items of value to school. Items, which are judged to be out of place in the school setting, will be confiscated and returned only at the parent’s request.  Items such as jewelry, expensive clothing, electronic equipment, and the like, are tempting targets for theft and extortion.  The school cannot be responsible for their safekeeping and will not be liable for loss or damage to personal valuables.  Elementary students (kindergarten through 5th grade) are not allowed to bring cell phones to school. 

 N.D. Graduation
The 2022 graduation ceremony at North Dickinson will be held on May 13, 2022 at 6:00 PM in the Carl F. Lemin, Jr. Gymnasium. Guest speaker will be 1972 graduate Stephen Alexa.

Senior Scholarships

Seniors are reminded that if they received any scholarships they should let Mrs. Jungwirth know as soon as possible. Scholarships are announced at graduation during the scholarship presentation as long as they are turned in to Mrs. Jungwirth prior to graduation.

E-Mail Accounts for Seniors

Seniors are reminded that their Nordic e-mail accounts will be disabled upon graduation. Please make sure you use a different e-mail account for college application.

Elementary Track Meet

The Elementary Track meet will be held on Wednesday, May 18th at 1:00 PM with the rain date being the 19th also at 1:00 PM.

Athletic Banquet
The Athletic Banquet will be held on Wednesday, May 25 at 6:00. This will be open to the public and is free of charge. A dinner will be provided by the Nordic Booster Club.


Summer is a good time to review your student’s immunization record and schedule appointments before sports and extra-curricular activities begin again. They may need to receive immunizations before they start school again in the fall or leave for college. New immunizations are recommended and your student may not be fully protected from all vaccine-preventable diseases.

Last Day of School

Friday, May 27, 2022 is the last day of school for the 2021-22 school year.


It is not too late to order your copy of the 2021-22 yearbook. They are $30, but increase May 15th to $40. Please send money in a sealed envelope marked yearbook with your child's name on it to the school office.
This is also the last opportunity to buy a senior tribute for your 2022 graduating senior. To honor our seniors I will increase the size that you purchase to the next size up. Prices are $25 for business card size, $50 for quarter page, $100 for half page. So if you purchase a half page you will get a whole page, quarter page will be half, and business card size will be quarter page. Any senior tributes previously purchased will also be upgraded. Please email or call Amanda Thoune for more information athoune@go-nordics.com or 906-542-9281.

Kindergarten Registration

If you missed our kindergarten registration in March we would appreciate it if you would register your child soon. Children are eligible for kindergarten if they are 5 years of age by September 1, 2022. The following information is needed when registering:
-Child’s certified birth certificate (not hospital certificate)
-Immunization record
-Vison & Hearing screening verifications (appointments can be made at the health department : 774-1868)
-Parents must also show two forms of verification of their physical address (not a PO box), such as a driver’s license, and current light bill or phone bill.
Please register your child SOON, even if you don’t have ALL the proper documentation at this time.

Head Start Applications Being Accepted at North Dickinson Center

The Dickinson-Iron ISD Department of Early Childhood Education is accepting applications for the 2022-2023 school year at the North Dickinson Center.  
Pregnant mothers and children ages birth to three may be eligible for the Early Head Start Program.  Children ages three and four, may be eligible to attend the Head Start.  The program is free to families who qualify and children are not required to be potty trained prior to enrollment.  Families with a child with a disability are encouraged to apply.
If you have any questions or would like to apply for your child, please call the Dickinson-Iron Intermediate School District-Department of Early Childhood Education at 779-2695 or visit www.diisd.org.
Board Elections

This November two of our school board member’s terms expire. If you are interested in running for the school board please contact the Dickinson County clerk for specific information on the procedure to run, not your local municipal clerk. The reason for this is because our school district crosses several different political jurisdictions. If you have questions regarding serving as a board member, please contact the district office. You must either file nominating petitions or pay a $100.00 fee and you must complete and file an Affidavit of Identity. The deadline for all paperwork must be completed and submitted no later than July 26, 2022 at 4:00 p.m. You pick up and then file all completed paperwork with the County Clerk office that is located in the Dickinson County Courthouse.

Board Highlights – April 2022

-President Graham appointed himself and member Schemmel to award diplomas at graduation
-Increased substitute teacher pay to $110 daily and $55 for ½ day
-Agreed to start baseball, softball and golf for a two-year trial period starting with the 2022-23 school year with volunteer coaches and self-funded uniforms and equipment with the district paying umpires and golf entry fees and a reassessment of the programs after two years.
-Renewed the ESS contract
-Heard an update on bus 14

North Dickinson High School All-Class Reunion
(Years 1972-2022)
Saturday, June 25, 2022
Felch Community Center

Celebrate 50 years of North Dickinson!

3:30 pm: Games and mingling at Felch Community Center.
5:00 pm: Food & non-alcoholic refreshments provided.
7:00 pm: Live classic rock band.

$30 per adult

It’s BYOB. Baseball, horseshoes, and other outdoor games are available during the day. There’s also room for camping (without electricity) in back of Community Center. Email Lynn Oman if you have questions: lynn.oman@gmail.com

OPTIONAL GOLF OUTING: Barb Lindeman is organizing a golfing trip for the morning. If you wish to golf, contact Barb ASAP so she can add you to the list and contact you with the location and tee time: lindemanbarb3636@gmail.com 906-282-0499.

50th anniversary Nordic T-shirts and/or sweatshirts are available to order and will be available at the event. Contact Angie Mattson at amattson@go-nordics.com.

Please RSVP by May 15th to:
Lynn Oman
ND Class Reunion
W5539 Hwy M-69
Felch, MI 49831

Check out the “Nordic Family” Facebook page for current information.

Transportation / Bussing Information
By: Mr. Darrell Oman

When spring arrives around the area, groups will have more outdoor activities planned for students to attend.  It is common for groups of students to get together after school for baseball, softball, soccer, church groups, birthday parties, etc… and plan to use the school bus for transportation to get there.   If you are planning such an event and you are hoping that the students will ride a school bus, there is some pre-planning that needs to happen.  First contact the school and get a Transportation Request form, fill it out and turn it into the office.  An email works great, and is preferred, as long as the email contains the same information that the transportation request form does. 
Information needed is: 
*Who is the adult(s) that will be responsible for and in charge of the students when dropped off? 
*Contact information for the adult(s) including phone number.
* Where will the students be getting dropped off?  
*The name of each student, and the grade the students are in. 
*What days you are requesting transportation for. For example, every Tuesday and Thursday for softball practice in Hardwood. 
It will then be reviewed with the bus drivers to make sure that there will be enough room on the bus for the additional students who don’t normally ride that route. If we do not have enough seats we will look to see if we can do something different to make it happen.  If the drop off spot is not on our regular route, it needs to then be determined how or if the stop can be conducted safely.    Our goal is to do whatever we can to help out the kids, yet still follow state laws and school policies related to transporting children on a school bus. 
The buses at different times of the year are near capacity with the students that are already regularly assigned. For an example adding 5 high school aged students might not be possible, but 5 elementary aged kids might be.  In this example dividing them up between different buses may be a possibility.  
Assuming we will be able to meet the request, I will contact you and let you know which bus they will be transported on and the estimated time that they will be dropped off.  Once approved each student needs to bring a note to school with parental/guardian approval to drop them off at the bus stop.  For example: “The school has permission to drop off Jane Player for softball practice in Hardwood on the days they have practice”.  Even if the student normally rides the bus, they still need a note from home giving the school permission to drop them off at a stop that is different from their normal bus stop.   The responsible adult needs to be present when we drop them off.  
As always as much advanced notice possible is appreciated and time may be necessary to properly review and approve your request.  Please contact Darrell Oman by email doman@go-nordics.com or cell phone number 906-221-5471. 

All Night Grad Party

The All Night Grad party will be Friday, May 13th. Students will return to school after graduation. Doors will open at 11:00 and seniors need to be here by 12:00 AM. The all night grad party will end at 5:00 AM. Thank you to everyone who donated to the All Night grad party.

BIG Thank you!
By: Mr. Darrell Oman

Thank you STAR and Nordic EMS Agencies.  Both agencies have a long history of leading the pack in volunteer emergency response including safety for the school.  The school also always supports the ambulance services in any way we can.  Specifically, the agencies have used the school for training facilities and conducted drills on several occasions over the years. From Mock accidents around prom time, EMT Classes, Helicopter training on the football field, a summer continuing education class with scenarios based on simulated medical emergencies at the school, to providing CPR/AED and first aid training to students and staff. 

 Nordic Ambulance (named after the school) was the first volunteer ambulance service in Dickinson County followed closely by STAR.  Since they were first formed and despite different political jurisdictions, they have always come together and acted as one when it comes to the school.  Both agencies have been directly involved in and have led the school in planning and training. 

 About 10 years ago, the North Dickinson School was one of the first in the Upper Peninsula to earn a Heart Safe Designation.  The designation requires that a school have in place a plan, AED equipment and trained employees to first respond in the event of an emergency cardiac situation.  This was years ahead of state law that now requires it.   Both Ambulance services stepped up and members, as volunteers, helped to establish the plan, purchased the first on site AED, helped to train coaches, staff members, teachers and students.   The school has been maintaining two AED’s.  One inside of the school, the other held in the concession stand at the outdoor stadium.   

One of the existing AED’s needs to have the battery replaced as well as replacing expired pads.  The parts have been backordered with no delivery date in sight.  The other AED that still works, we recently received a recall notice because of possible problems with the pads.  However, the manufacture cannot provide an estimated date that the new pads will be available.  Both AED’s are the same make and model.  So our problem was presented to both of the local ambulance squads.  Once again they immediately stepped up in a big way. Each of the agencies agreed to purchase a replacement AED for use at the school. We will have two at the school again once they are received.  The squads got together and choose the make and model that will best fit the school and have compatible pads with what they carry on-board the ambulances. This means if they respond to an emergency at the school a quicker transfer of patient care will result. The ambulance services are also experiencing shipment delays for ordered equipment.  STAR had a backup spare AED so Kevin Kramer from STAR delivered the AED and it is on loan to the school until the new one arrives. 
The agencies exemplify the spirit of cooperation between agencies and service to the community.  They have a history of doing so from the time the school and both agencies were formed and continue the same tradition of service and dedication still today.  Thank you to the STAR and Nordic EMS members or your dedication and service to our communities.

Survey Says: What is your favorite thing to do over summer break?

Grayson – play tag with Ravanna
Ellery – play soccer with Tyler
Dawson – Go swimming in my Granny’s pool
Deanna – Camping, I don’t know where because my mom hasn’t decided yet.
1st Grade
Shelby – swim at my mom and dad’s house.
Jack – play outside with my mom
2nd Grade
Corbin – Fish with my Dad, we go on Kayaks on 6 mile
Wyatt – my favorite thing to do is go on vacations to a place called little house and the big building. We are going on a vacation this year and we are going to try our first Twinkies.
3rd Grade
Brianna – probably go camping at wells
Paxton – go camping at summer breeze and have a water balloon fight
4th Grade
Isabelle -I like to swim in Stromberg’s
Brendan – Play catch with my dog
5th Grade
Dominic – Go swimming in our pool at home with my family
Kiera – Swim at my families cottage at Pentoga with my brother or my cousins
6th Grade
Jason – Fish in a secret spot with Grandpa.
Luke – play football, basketball and baseball with friends
7th Grade
Allexandria – go swimming and have sleep overs with Jaden
Nathan – Go to my grandpa’s house and go hunting and fishing
8th Grade
Colten – Ride dirt bikes at my house
Natalie – Ride bikes around Channing or to my grandparents with my mom and my brothers
9th Grade
Braedyn – Swim in rivers with friends
Raiden – Swim in Lake Superior with whoever takes me there
10th Grade
Dalaney – Swim at a pool with friends
Tayla – I like to Kayak anywhere with my family
11th Grade
Caidyn – Explore the woods by myself
Angelina – Go mudding and riding with friends
12th Grade
Kendra – Go to Way Dam with friends
Gage – Go swimming and fishing at the spillway with my Family

Notice of Nondiscrimination

The North Dickinson County District prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, disability, genetic information, or any other legally protected status in its employment decisions or provision of services.
Know your rights. In addition to discrimination the North Dickinson County Schools prohibits sexual harassment and sexual violence. Help is available – If you are victim of or know of someone who has been victimized by discrimination, sexual harassment or sexual violence please contact the Title IX Coordinator(s) listed below.
Mr. Darrell Oman, W6588 State Highway M69, Felch, MI 49831. Phone 906-542-9281 Fax 906-542-6950, Cell phone 906-221-5471 or email doman@go-nordics.com .
Mrs. Angie Jungwirth, W6588 State Highway M69, Felch, MI 49831. Phone 906-542-9281, Fax 906-542-6950, email ajungwirth@go-nordics.com